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School uniform consists of school sweatshirt (which must have the school logo), white polo shirt (with or without logo) and grey or black trousers -long or short- (no jeans) – girls may choose to wear a skirt (grey or black) they may also wear cotton print dresses in the summer (red and white).


Shoes should be black or brown with flat heels.


We discourage the wearing of ‘casual’ or ‘leisure’ wear which is not appropriate for a child’s place of work.  This includes jeans and sportswear such as football shirts.  We ask your support in sending your child to school suitably dressed and clean and tidy.  We try to encourage personal cleanliness in the children and it helps enormously if they arrive at school in ‘good condition’.


We do not allow the wearing of jewellery and ear rings – they can be a danger in P.E. – torn ears or damaged fingers can be avoided, however the wearing of watches, sleepers or studs is perfectly acceptable.  We do not allow children to bring mobile phones or other electrical devices into school.


Children who repeatedly attend school without ‘minimum’ uniform, i.e. a school sweatshirt, will be provided with one to wear throughout the school day.


P.E. Kit

Black shorts, white or red T-shirts (logo optional) and plimsolls.  A tracksuit may be appropriate in colder weather.



There are a number of places where Eskdale uniform can be purchased.


T.G.R Embroidery

145 Attenborough Lane



Tel: 07952 192899




118 Bramcote Avenue




Tel: 0115 9258046

 (they also stock white polo shirts with the school logo which are optional).


Pupils who participate in lunch time or after school sports clubs must have a complete change of clothes that is suitable for physical activity.  In some cases (such as football) children are required to wear shin pads and (dependent on the field conditions) studded boots.  This is for health and safety reasons.