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Think like an...Artist


As Artists we BELIEVE that...

We believe that the teaching of Art at Eskdale should provide our pupils with opportunities to explore and become more confident in using a range of expressive techniques. The learning of art skills at Eskdale is rooted in our core values, specifically ‘Take Care’. 


As Artists we STRIVE to...

Our core intent is to enable all pupils to strive to:  

  •  Develop an enthusiasm and love of being creative. 
  • Become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other media techniques.  
  • Develop an awareness of a range of artists and styles, providing opportunities to work in this style themselves.   
  • Use a sketchbook effectively, to creatively record, experiment and explore ideas.  
  • Develop critical skills to help analyse and improve their own work. 


Art is taught as part of a thematic, cross-curricular approach although, specific skills can be taught discretely. 


As Artists we ACHIEVE by...

To allow our pupils to achieve, our method of teaching incorporates specific meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge.