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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Summer Term 2 Activities

Have a look at the ideas below which are inspired by the art and patterns of South America.


Patterned circles

Use any colour of paper that you have at home and cut into a circle. Use pens, pencils, other coloured paper, shiny foil, sequins, stickers etc to create patterns on the circle. These look really effective when hung up.

Collage Animals

Research some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest and use paper strips to create your version as a collage. If you don't have lots of coloured paper at home, you can use colouring pencils, pens, or pastels but make sure you use rectangles and circles for the background. 


These are effective if you cut the shape of the animal out and then stick it onto another, contrasting colour and cut around that too. See the examples below for ideas. 

Tin art

This is often made in Mexico and South American countries. It is simple to do and really effective. Have a look at the examples below and click on the website links to find out how to do it. You will need either tin foil (but probably a few layers of it to make it thicker) or a flattened takeaway container. You can then draw your pattern on this with a blunt pencil and then colour it in (sharpies work well with this).


Kirstie Allsop from Channel 4 shows you how to make these, but you will need access to Channel 4 to watch this - check with your parents first.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

This is a Mexican celebration but is also celebrated in other areas of Central and South America. It is a celebration in which the dead are honoured and is a time of rejoicing, not sadness.


First, read this to find out more: 


Then have a look at the powerpoint and other documents to see what art can be created. If you'd like to have a go, you can either print the templates or create your own. 

Summer Term 1 Activities


Have a go at zentangles! 

Have a look at the document below to find out what these are and how to create them. They are really fun and addictive! 



Here are some ideas for art using living things:

Here are some websites to give you some more ideas of art you could create


Interesting new art ideas are introduced here every day by author and artist Keri Smith:


This website has absolutely loads of ideas


The National Museums Liverpool have launched a special project called My Home Is My Museum. Why not create your own museum using things that are special to you? Be sure to invite your family to the opening! 


The National Gallery have many online galleries to have a look at - can you spot any artwork by the artists you've studied?


This website has masses of activities and artwork to explore:


Have you been to the Tate modern gallery in London? It's always interesting as it doesn't include art work that you will expect to see! They have a whole range of activities for you to have a go at. What crazy or fun art will you create?


Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

L.S. Lowry

Click below to see what your task is.


Lowry's paintings