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School session times are :

Morning school begins: 8.55am

Lunch: 12 noon

Afternoon school begins: 1pm

Afternoon school ends: 3.20pm


Regular and consistent attendance is essential in ensuring that pupils make good progress. We are currently judged to be in the top 20% of schools nationally for our attendance and want to be able to sustain this high performance.

Please see the link below which gives the government  guidance on pupil attendance and absence followed by the school policy on requests for leave of absence.





The law states that you do not have the right to take your child out of school for holidays during term time. The Local Authority works with schools to reduce the numbers of children missing school because of holidays taken in term time and schools can refuse your request to take your child out of school.


From September 2013 schools are no longer to authorise holiday requests during term time as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days. Parents who propose taking their children out of school during term time will still need to complete ‘leave of absence’ applications but only in exceptional circumstances can these now be recorded as an authorised absence.


This is in line with the school’s policy statement:


5.  Term-time Holidays (leave of absence)


5.1 Term-time holidays (leave of absence) are intended for children whose parents are unable to take holiday at any other time.


5.2 Eskdale School will consider every application individually; its policy is NOT to grant leave of absence for a holiday other than in exceptional circumstances.  Time off school for family holidays is not a right.  An application must be made in writing, with appropriate evidence, in advance of the intended holiday.


5.3 Eskdale School will consider authorising holidays for:

·         service personnel and other employees who are prevented from taking holidays during term-time;

·         when a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis;

·         parents who are subject to a strict and un-negotiable holiday rota.


5.4 Eskdale School will NOT authorise a holiday during periods of national tests, i.e. SATS.


All requests are subject to the headteachers discretion.

In addition to this guidance provided on leave of absence is also the amended 2007 regulations on penalty notices for failure to ensure that children attend school regularly. This guidance is detailed below:


The Education(penalty Notices ) (England) Regulations


The 2007 regulations set out the procedures for issuing penalty notices (fines) to each parent who fails to ensure their children regular attendance at school or fails to ensure that their excluded child is not in a public place during the first five days of exclusion. Parents must pay £60 if they pay within 28 days; or £120 if they pay within 42 days.


Amendments to 2007 regulations will reduce the timescales for paying penalty notices. Parents must, from 1st September, pay £60 within 21 days or £120 within 28 days. This brings attendance penalty notices in line with other types of penalty notices and allows local authorities to act faster on prosecutions.