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Rainforest homework project!

As we are learning all about the animals, people and plants of the rainforest, we would like you to produce a fantastic piece of work to show off your knowledge!


You can choose any aspect of the rainforest that you like; you could focus on one particular animal, on the tribes that live there or on the effects of deforestation. You can also present your work any way that you like – perhaps get crafty and make a model, maybe use the computer or you could even write a song!


  • Take care of your work – make sure it is presented neatly
  • Include information! It is fine to make it look pretty but we would like you to make sure that you have included lots of information about your chosen subject
  • Try to be original – think about presenting your work in an unusual way that no one else will think of!


Have a think about the resources that you will need – we may be able to let you borrow paper, card or other things you may not have, so please ask!

Finally, enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing the fantastic projects you will produce!

Your completed project is due in on Monday 7th October