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Creative Homeworks

Creative Homeworks

Over the course for the year, the children in year 5 are given several pieces of extended creative homework.
Once completed we will post photographs here to show you what the children achieve.
Why not have a look in the archives to see what last year's classes archived.

Creative Homework Tasks for the coming year

Space Project

In Year 5 we encourage you to be independent learners and to think creatively.

Your challenge is to create a space project on one of the areas listed below. 

- Stars and Galaxies  

- Space Exploration  

- Astronauts 

- Planets  


You need to think about how to make your project individual. Your project will then be part of a Year 5 Space Centre Exhibition to which your parents will be invited. Think about your choice of materials and use of ICT and how you could make your project interactive for visitors.