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Our Curriculum at Eskdale Junior


At Eskdale Junior School we believe that our pupils have access to a rich, exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum that is tailored to pupil need, allowing for the best possible outcomes for all of our pupils. It is rooted in our five core values (known to the children as ‘The Big Five’ or S.T.A.R.S.)


Through our curriculum we strive to increase our pupils’ ‘Skills and Knowledge for Life’, making it meaningful for them and preparing them to be successful learners both now and for the next stage in their education and beyond.

We believe that it is essential also to nurture the children’s ability to ‘Take Care’, ‘Aim High’, ‘Respond to Challenge’ and develop ‘Self-Discipline’, as detailed in our ‘Vision and Values’ statement. Wherever appropriate, we identify opportunities to promote these.


We achieve this by ensuring we have balanced curriculum coverage, incorporating the national requirements of Curriculum 2014 into individual subject skill progression, so that pupils have the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge and develop as learners as they move through the school.


At Eskdale, subject content is delivered both discretely (as individual disciplines) and as part of a thematic and flexible approach. Themes derive from a range of sources that are chosen to capture the imagination of pupils, making them both excited, enthused and ready to learn. The themes may include; periods of history, popular culture, books, personal development etc…These thematic approaches are under-pinned by our subject progression sequenced skills.


Creativity is a key aspect of our curriculum and pupils are provided with opportunities to express their creative thinking and individual aptitudes by producing work that allows them choice in their presentation. The school has a careful balance between rigour in the curriculum to ensure the acquisition and retention of core knowledge and the development of creativity to ensure the focus on learning is never lost.


Our thematic units of work are enriched and made memorable with visits from high quality, external providers, by hosting thematic days in school and by visiting places of educational interest or through residential visits.



  • ‘Parents and carers greatly value the quality of education that the school provides for their children’.


  • (the school has a) ‘…highly effective curriculum’


  • ‘Pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding’


  • ‘Pupils achieve exceptionally well’.


  • ‘Activities planned by teachers are carefully designed to ensure a high degree of challenge.’


  • ‘Teaching is never less than good and much is outstanding’.


Curriculum Development 2019/20

We are always looking to review/refresh and renew (RRR) our approaches to the curriculum to enhance the children’s experience without losing focus on its impact.

For the year 19/20 we will be exploring ways to improve pupil’s long term learning (memory) by exploring the benefits of ways to implement meta-cognitive strategies to the pedagogy (how a subject is taught) of our curriculum.

The provisional title of this work is ‘Think like a….’ where pupils will be encouraged to think like a Designer, Artist or Scientist (just to give some examples) whilst considering how and what they learn, continuing to reflect our ‘Believe, Strive, Achieve’ daily motto.


Subject Areas


The links below give further information about how each of the curriculum subjects are taught at Eskdale Junior School.

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