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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Design a Mars (or any other planet) Rover! 


These vehicles are used to assess, photograph and collect things from other planets - have a look at the Mars Curiosity rover. Your rover will need to be able to do all these things too!


To think about:

- how will it move across the terrain?

- how will it communicate back to earth?

- how will it collect things (such as soil samples) from the surface of the planet? 

- what will it be made of? Think about the conditions of the planet, plus how heavy it will be 


You only need to draw your designs neatly and label them them clearly - try to use squared paper if you have it, but don't worry if not! 


If you really want to get creative, you could then build a model of your rover! See if you can challenge yourself to add moving parts to it.


Check out the topic ideas document on the History page too - it includes some DT projects! 


With anything that you create, try to go through the correct process:

 - what is the purpose of what you are making? Who are you making it for? 

- how will you fulfil the criteria for what it needs to be (eg. if it needs to move, or be waterproof)?

- create a design with a labelled diagram and a list of materials 

- as you start making, evaluate how it is going against your original criteria 

- when you have finished, do an evaluation - How did it go? Did you meet the criteria? Did you have to change or adapt anything along the way? Which parts did you find tricky? Would you change anything if you did it again? 

Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

Here are a few ideas of DT activities you could do: 


  • Research Ancient Greek bread recipes and have a go at making your own
  • Make your own junk model or Lego Trojan Horse!
  • Make a Greek pot or vase out of playdough - you can find recipes for this online if you don't have your own
  • Make a Greek salad