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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 


Make a start on your final Eskdale project: What Eskdale Means To Me.

Traditionally, Year 6 have completed this project in their final half term at Eskdale and it's a good way to sum up your Eskdale experience and to reflect on your time here. Make sure you include memories and experiences on your project.


You can take this project in any direction that you wish. In the past, pupils have built model classrooms or the school and stuck memories around them; made posters; presentations; hanging projects with memories on; made scrapbooks; the list goes on!


Any pictures of school/staff can be taken from the school website - please do not bring cameras into school. 


At the moment, we are unsure if you'll be able to bring these into school (due to current Health and Safety restrictions) but you will definitely be able to share these with photos and videos! So whatever you make, make sure you can take a photo/video of it to email to us. We will share these on the website so you can see everyone else's.



First, think about what you would like to do and plan it out. Draw some sketches on paper and decide on the materials that you will need to collect.


Then, you can start to put it all together! 



Here are some more simple baking recipes to have a go at:

Cereal box fun!

Here are some activities you can do with a cereal box.

Summer Term 1 Activities


Here are some ideas for DT that you can have a go at with the things you have around your home...

Click on the links below the pictures, where there are some instructions, websites and ideas.

Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

Here are some activities linked to DT for Easter:

- Baking -


- Create an egg scene - see examples below


The good food website has 10 child friendly ideas for cooking and baking! We like the look of the pizza smiley faces! 

Create your own healthy meal

What is needed for a healthy, balanced diet?

Plan an example menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Which vegetables are in season in the country?



How is bread made?

Have a look at this website to investigate and analyse existing projects:

Research different recipes for bread:

Bake some bread! 



Help out at home with any cooking (supervised by an adult). You can practise your skills of mixing, measuring, cutting, chopping and slicing.