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Friday 14th January


We will be carrying on calculating percentages of amounts.


To calculate 65% of an amount: 

Calculate 10% of an amount by dividing by 10. Then multiply this to make any percentage of amount e.g. x6 = 60%. 

Use 10% to calculate 5% by halving it. Then you can combine your answers to calculate 65%. 


Have a go at this sheet and remember to mark your answers.


In Science lessons this term, we will be studying light. 


Have a look through these slides and then have a go at the experiment: can you prove that light travels in straight lines?


In RE this term, our Big Question is 'Is anything ever eternal?'. We will be investigating some Bible passages to help us answer the question.

Have a look through the slides. For each Bible passage, underline (or take notes of): 

- what is said about love

- how love is shown