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Friday 15th October

Happy Friday and half-term break up day everyone! 


Joke of the Day - 


Q) How does the scientist freshen his breath?

A) With experi-mints!


Today in Year 4 we will be ending the half term with some fun filled learning activities for you to have a go at home. In Maths we will be continuing with subtracting two 4 digit numbers (with more than one exchange), in Literacy you will be taking on a fun reading challenge and in P.E you will be rolling into the weekend with some cosmic kids yoga! 



In Maths today we are continuing with subtraction, however, this time we will be looking at subtracting two 4 digit numbers with more than one exchange. 


Please watch the below video and follow the attached slides to get a firm understanding of the concept and what the White Rose sheets will be asking you to do. 


After you feel confident with this, you can start taking on the White Rose sheets. Please complete these one after each other, if you need to refer back to the slides or video at any point please do so. 


Once these are completed, why not challenge yourself and take the on the mastery sheets attached below.


Aut4.7.1 - Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange).mp4

Still image for this video



In Literacy today you will be using the images on the attached cards (below) to answer the questions on the sheet.


These will be asking you to use your inference strategies to understand what is happening in each of the scenarios and how the person in the image might be feeling.


I would like you to have a go at completing at least 6 of these from the many that are on offer. 



In P.E today we are going to be continuing looking at how yoga can help calm our minds and bring our bodies much needed relaxation!


Hopefully this will set you up for a very enjoyable and peaceful half term holiday! Please follow the link below to access the video for today's cosmic yoga session.