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NUMERACY - Multiply mixed numbers

Today we will be looking at applying our skills to some problems.  If you need more practise on multiplying mixed numbers then you can look at some of yesterday's tasks, as well as the video and slides.



First do your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Today, you have chance to catch up with your writing and editing! 


If you haven't already, finish your writing and editing using the success criteria. Make sure you have colour coded all of your work, and made improvements where you can. 


if you have finished writing and editing, have a go at this drawing instead! :)

The children in school will be picking one (or more) of these reading challenges for their homework this week.


If you would like to keep up with your reading challenges please feel free to do them and email them in!

World Book Day Emoji Quiz

We have tried to leave you some time this afternoon to make sure you are as caught up as possible with your work.  Your writing is the most important thing to have finished, as it will help you with ideas for our independent writing next week.


If you are already caught up we would suggest some reading, exercise, a walk or anything you find relaxing ahead of coming back to school next week.


We can't wait to see you!