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Friday 22nd January


First have a go at the recap on cubed numbers - this is similar to yesterday.

Next, look through the slides and then watch the video below.


Spr5.3.4 - Divide with remainders

On the slides there is detail about the questions.



First, do your Activating Prior Knowledge task for today:

Finally this week, it's time to edit your writing!


Have a look at the checklist for instructions - this is the same process as you would do in school, and that you did last week on your previous writing. 


Make sure you use the Independent Writing Checklist as you go! 

ART - Skill Practice - Bamboo painting

This week we are going to develop our painting technique and have a go at painting the bamboo from the Four Gentlemen.  There are examples above.

The Four Gentlemen Bamboo

Follow the instructions in this video to help you develop your painting.

If you cannot paint, instead you can have a go at the sheets below which show you how to draw Chinese dragons!