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Friday 23rd July

Good morning! Happy Friday 

To start with this morning, spend 10 minutes reading. 



Today we would like you to have a go at writing your very own version of the Viking Seeress Potion. You will remember that you studied this on Tuesday. Have a look back at Tuesday's page and remind yourself of the poem. On Wednesday you collected lots of ideas using this, and the Macbeth poem. Make sure you have this handy for today's task. 

You will probably have noticed, when you studied the Viking Seeress Potion, that each line of the poem are the same length.  Have a go at scooping the words in each line of the poem and, using your chinalator, count the number of syllables in each line.

You will find that in the first rhyming couplet (first 2 lines) that there are 8 syllables in each line. Then, in the other lines there are 7 syllables in each line. The final rhyming couplet is repeated at the end of the poem.

Have a look at the planning sheet below. It reminds you of the number of syllables needed in each line and where the rhyming words should be.


Over to you! Now it is your turn to write your own poem.



Today, we will be doing some more work on capacity and volume.  In the lesson today we will be adding and subtracting different volumes. Watch the video, then have a go at the worksheet.

Sum3.11.2 - Add and subtract capacity (1).mp4

Still image for this video