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Friday 26th February


This morning we have our teams calls. You should have received the invite via Marvellous Me. Please try and get set up 10 minutes before so that we can start promptly. 


3B's call will be 9.15-9.30

3R's call will be 9.35-9.50


We look forward to seeing you!


Please mark your 'quick read' from yesterday.


We are carrying on with statistics today, our focus will be on information tables. 


To start with, mark yesterday's work then follow the lesson slides. Watch the video and complete the activity when prompted.

Spr3.6.4 - Tables.mp4

Still image for this video


Today start off with your usual spelling task.


Today you will be looking at leaflets. Our aim is to write an information leaflet about...? I wonder where it will be!


What is a leaflet?

Who reads leaflets?

How are leaflets written?

Where do you find leaflets?

Have you ever read a leaflet? What was it about?

1. Click on the link below to read the WALT and the success criteria.

2. Have a go at the recap and then lets get started!

Below are a selection of leaflets for you to have a look at. We would like you to use the checklist and tick off when you have found one on the key features. Once you've finished this you will have a better understanding of what the key features of a leaflet text.

When you are back in school you will be using this knowledge to write a leaflet about Norfolk. 


Where is your favourite place to read? 

Find a comfy spot and enjoy 10 minutes reading time!

We are carrying on with art this afternoon. To begin with, have a look at this website Dennis Wojtkiewicz' website to see more of his amazing work! 


Which is your favourite? Why?

Which one would you like to have a go at? Why?



Now, have a go at the task for this afternoon. For this activity you need 1 or more colouring pencils and possibly a sharpener. If you don't have either of those, do your best with what's available to you, you could use a pencil if needs be. 


Shade in the boxes next to each example using the different methods. For example in the first sections, try holding your pencil in the different ways it describes to shade in the box. 



To finish with, watch this fantastic video which shows lots of examples of hyper-realistic art, drawn by Marcello Barenghi. 


Which is your favourite?

Drawing VS Reality Amazing Oranges & Satisfying 3D Art