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Friday 26th February

Morning task


Continue your work from yesterday on volume. Complete today's recap on the slides first then watch the videos below again to help you. 

Counting cubes

Counting cubes

Volume of a cuboid

Volume of a cuboid


Check your inboxes (parent mail or Marvellous Me) for a link to join the assembly at 10am. 


Class Teams meeting

You should have received a Marvellous Me message with a link attached for this.

6T is at 1 1am; 6G is at 11.30. 


Get your quiz brains ready!


We're going to have a go at using the subjunctive form. "What on earth is that?" we hear you say!  Watch the video to find out! 

George Explains...The Subjunctive Form (of Verbs)

There are 3 rules to remember. Each one can make a subjunctive sentence. 

- Change was to were.    If I were the queen, I would...

                                      If I were allowed to be football captain, I would...

- Use be instead of is.     It is vital that Bob be ready to go outside. 

- Take the s off verbs.     It is vital that Bob keep his ideas to himself. 

                                      It is important that Bob put his hand up. 


Have a go at the task below and see if you can spot all the subjunctive sentences. Hint: They follow the first rule. 

The first sheet is the easier version. If you fancy a bit of a challenge, try the second sheet.

Now have  a go at writing some sentences in the subjunctive form. 

Complete the sheet below.


This afternoon, we are going to be looking at Lowry's work in detail and making observations. Go through the slides, starting with your recap, and have a look at the example. It is really important to follow the success criteria as you need to complete each step (from red to green) for each picture. Annotate three pictures. You can find a document below with the pictures on.

Also, have a look at the website about Lowry's work which discusses lots of his art.


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book. Don't forget to write it in your diary.