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Friday 26th November


Good morning, hope you are feeling fresh and ready to go!

Start with this quick 10 minute task to get your brain ready!

Literacy - Reading lesson

Today in literacy you will be thinking about the way repetition is used.

Below is a link to the lesson.

Have a go at reading the text out loud and then if you have someone helping you, teach them how to echo read it.

What do the highlighted words mean?



Start today's lesson by playing a couple of games on TTRS.

Today's lesson is about sharing. 

Now have ago at these challenge questions



Start the afternoon reading for 10 minutes. Jot it down in your diary.


Design and Technology

Today we are learning about how different structures are made to be strong, sturdy and stable. What do these words mean?

Have a go at the activating prior knowledge and then have a look at the first four slides in the presentation below. Now try answering the 4 questions on each slide. You could present this information in a table or just write your answers in sentences.