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Friday 26th November


Aut5.12.2 - Area of rectangles

Watch the video about area then work through the questions below.



Today it's time to plan your writing about Chilwell! Have a look at the plan below - if you can print it out then complete it on the sheet, if not then use the sections as sub-headings on your page. 


Introduction - a brief explanation of where Chilwell is and what you can expect here (don't say anything specific yet!)

Paragraphs - add here anything you want to say about what people can do when they visit. If you're planning on more than one paragraph, make sure to group your ideas together eg. a paragraph on what to do in Chilwell, and a paragraph on what there is in the surrounding areas (Beeston, Attenborough, transport links to Nottingham, M1 etc) 

Conclusion - revisit the introduction and remind people what they can experience 


Take a look the example below for ideas of what to put in the grammar sections around the sides of the arrow.



In school, we are taking part in all sorts of activities that help us to look after our well-being and keep our minds happy. Take some time this afternoon to do something nice - do some crafts, bake, read, play outside, draw...the choice is yours (but try to avoid the computer!) 


Try some of the activities below if you like!