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Friday 29th January

Happy Friday! 

You should be really proud of yourselves for responding to the current challenge. Well done laugh



This morning we have our teams calls. You should have received the invite via Marvellous Me. See previous parent mail for important information about the teams calls. Please try and get set up 10 minutes before so that we can start promptly. 


3B's call will be 9.15-9.30

3R's call will be 9.35-9.50


We look forward to seeing you!


Please mark your 'quick read' from yesterday.


Start your maths lesson by spending 10 minutes on TTRS

Please mark yesterdays work.

Yesterday's anchor Task

Today marks the end of our unit on multiplication and division. We have seen some great work around this topic so well done!


This morning we have a short end of unit quiz for you to complete so you can show us what you've learnt. Important-Please do this task independently without any help from grown ups, as we want to see what you know!

Please ask your grown ups to email a copy of your quiz when you have completed it so we can see how you got on! 


Answers will be on the website on Monday.


Start today's lesson by doing your spelling test. Click on the relevant page (depending on whether you're doing word detectives or spellings) where you will find further instructions. If anyone is still unsure about this then please contact school or email year 3.

Once you've completed the spelling activity please mark your recap from yesterday.



Below is a copy of the answers sheets for the speech work competed on Wednesday. We accidently uploaded the incorrect answers.




Today you will be deciding on the main character or characters for your Stone Soup story. Have a look at the recap activity first before having a go at the activity.  Drawing your character/s will help you to decide upon some great vocabulary to describe them.


Please spend 10-20 minutes reading this afternoon.


DT (Design Technology)

This afternoon, you will be learning about seasonality. Watch the BBC clip and then follow the PowerPoint. You will also need to have a good look at the Seasonality Calendar and Food Map to learn more.

(In school, we will tasting some of the seasonal vegetables which you are more than welcome to try but this is not essential)