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Friday 29th January

Morning task


We are going to be recapping dividing fractions today. First have a look through the slides to remind yourself of the method. Then complete the tasks below.


If you have completed 6 green questions and got them right, move on to purple.

Because dividing fractions is fairly straightforward, complete 6 green questions and, if you get them right, move on to purple. You can choose if you think you need to start on the easier purple task or if you go straight to the harder ones.


If you need more practice, there is an extra green sheet for you to try. 

Don't forget our assembly is at 10.05 today and you can join this using the Teams link sent by Mr Scruton. 


Our class Teams meetings will be at 11 am (6T) and 11:30 am (6G). Please use the link that was sent out to you this week. 


You are going to be taking notes of how Miss Honey's cottage is described in the text. Write down any description and nouns that you read about to do with the lane leading up to the cottage, the garden, the outside of the house and the inside. 



In this lesson, you are going to be thinking about your greatest achievement. 

Follow the slides to help you. You will be writing a short newspaper report about it. Either use the templates provided, or set it up in your book. Make sure to include a picture!


I have written a writing structure for you to follow on the slides so make sure you follow that.



Spend 20 minutes reading  and try to tick off one more of your reading challenges - perhaps reading in an unusual place? Make sure you write it down to share with us all.