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Friday 5th February


NUMERACY - Order fractions greater than 1

First work through the recap then watch the video below.

Spr5.6.1 - Compare and order fractions more than 1



First, do your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Today is some handwriting practice! 


Use the lines on the sheets to write out each of the words, neatly joined. 


If you can't print out the sheet with the lines, you can use a highlighter to draw a line between two lines in your exercise book and write over the highlighted section - take a look at the photo below to see an example! 

RE - Evaluation

In RE over the last two terms we have looked a lot at religious stories, how 'true' they are and whether they can be important or useful for people who share that faith, as well as those who do not.


Your task today is about what can be learnt from religious stories and gives you the chance to present your work in whatever way you choose.  Please see the slides for more detail.