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Friday 5th February

Happy Friday! 

We hope that you have enjoyed this week's learning.



This morning we have our teams calls. You should have received the invite via Marvellous Me. Please try and get set up 10 minutes before so that we can start promptly. 


3B's call will be 9.15-9.30

3R's call will be 9.35-9.50


We look forward to seeing you!


Please mark your 'quick read' from yesterday.


Please start today's maths lesson by spending 10 minutes on TTRS.


Today, we will begin to subtract money from different amounts. As we said yesterday it would be useful if you could have some coins in front of you to help with this (don't worry if not). Follow the lesson slides below and watch the video when prompted.


Spr3.5.1 - Subtract money.mp4

Still image for this video


Start today's lesson by doing your spelling test. Click on the relevant page (depending on whether you're doing word detectives or spellings) where you will find further instructions. 



So we will be ending the week by checking back over our writing so far and checking that we have included the items listed on the success criterias. Just like we have done in class, we would like you to use different coloured crayons to underline each. Below is a suggestion of the colours you can use.


If you accepted the challenge to use a simile then underline this using another colour or highlight it if you have any.

An example of this is below, which is also explained in the video.



Once you've done this you should see lots of colours over your work. If you are missing some colours have a look and see if you can edit some in.


Still image for this video

Design and Technology

In preparation for you making your soup next week, this afternoon you will be learning the importance of washing your hands before food preparation.


Watch the BBC video below and then using this information design a poster/factfile to teacher the children in school about the importance of hand washing during food preparation. Be sure to include the key scientific facts...think like a scientist!