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Friday 5th February

Morning task

Complete the spelling activity below. Use a dictionary to help you - type in the word and define into Google if you're unsure - and use the words in a sentence. 


Today we will be carrying on with calculating fractions of amounts. What colour tasks were you successful with yesterday? You do not need to complete these colours today!

If you need more practice at simple fractions of amounts, try this task. The maze on the left is the Red task; the maze on the right is the Orange task.
If you are ready to tackle green and purple today, try these tasks. 

Video for the purple task


Check your inboxes (parent mail or Marvellous Me) for a link to join the assembly at 10am. 


Class Teams meeting

You should have received a Marvellous Me message with a link attached for this.

6T is at 1 1am; 6G is at 11.30. 


Get your quiz brains ready!


Practise using active and passive voice.

In this task it uses the terms 'active verb' and 'passive verb'. These are just verbs! If the sentence ends in 'by....' then it makes the verb a passive verb. 



The lady drove the lorry. = active verb/active sentence

The lorry was driven by the lady. = passive verb/passive sentence


In today's lesson, you will be thinking about your future! Work through the slides to show you what your task is.

It's children's mental health week this week. Have a look at this sheet to help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings. You do not have to write anything down. It might be a nice activity to do with your parents too. 


Have a go at these challenges today!

See how many of these you can tick off over the next few weeks.


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book or First News. Remember to record it in your reading diary.