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Friday 5th March

Good morning, happy Friday!

Your last day of home learning! You have really responded to the challenge and should be so proud of yourself for everything you have done at home. We can't wait to see you all on Monday laugh


This morning we have our teams calls. You should have received the invite via Marvellous Me. Please try and get set up 10 minutes before so that we can start promptly. 


3B's call will be 9.15-9.30

3R's call will be 9.35-9.50


We look forward to seeing you!


Please mark your 'quick read' from yesterday.


Please start this lesson by marking your work from yesterday.

During your numeracy lesson this morning, we would like you to spend some time really practicing your times tables. 


Firstly we would like you to spend some time on TTRS (around 15/20minutes). We can see some of you have made great progress with this so well done! And we can also see some of you haven't been on in a while, so please make the effort this morning while you have chance.


Then, you can choose one or more of the  activities below to have a go at: 

  • Why not make some of your own flashcards to practice with. 
  • You could make a times table poster, to display somewhere that will help you learn them.
  • You could make a matching game. Put some x table questions on some cards and the answers on another, turn them face down and see if you can match them.
  • Draw Waldorf multiplication flowers:



Today is spelling test day, so grab your pencil and paper!


Start by marking the recap task from yesterday.

So, today you will be preparing a piece of  work to bring into school next week. You will need to look back at the folktale (that you read a week last Wednesday) and the comprehension activity that you completed this Monday. We would like you to act like a detective again and collect more examples of AFOREST and add them to the sheet where you made collections from the leaflets. You will need these when you will be working with Mrs Dorn in literacy to write a leaflet about Norfolk. 
To find the links to the folktale and the Norfolk comprehension click on the links below. Also attached below, is another collection sheet to jot down what you find, just incase you need more room.


Where is your favourite place to read? 

Find a comfy spot and enjoy 10 minutes reading time! Jot it in your diary. Don't forget to bring your diary in next week so that we can see all the reading that you have done.

We are giving you some time this afternoon to complete anything that you haven't had chance to finish. 


Then, we would like you to all fill this sheet in and bring it with you on Monday please.