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Friday 8th January

Good morning Year 3! We hope you enjoyed your science day yesterday. We are carrying on with our literacy and maths lessons this morning and then another subject this afternoon. 


This morning, please spend 10 minutes reading your reading book. 

Then watch todays Newsround found below. 



Maths lesson

Today we are focusing on the two and five times tables. Work through the slides and answer the questions.



Now, log onto Times Table Rockstars and practice your times tables.

Literacy lesson

Have a look at our literacy lesson below. We will be carrying on our work on stone soup. You will find the instructions on the document below. 

Next week we will upload an example of what we have come up with in class so that you can compare what you have done and we can share our ideas. 

Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth: Children's Books Read Aloud on Once Upon A Story

Today's children's book read aloud is Stone Soup retold by Jon J. Muth


Read your book for 10 minutes.


This afternoon we are going to do some PE. This term we will be doing a series of dance lessons.


Before we start any exercise we need to warm up so follow the video below first.

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Warm up with Jo wicks

Diwali dance

To link back to last term we are going to learn a dance inspired by Diwali. Dances can be learnt directly from the videos. It's up to you how you use them but we suggest the following:


  1. Watch the FULL DANCE video to get an idea of the whole dance from start to finish.
  2. Learn the first part of the dance using the PART 1 Video. Use pause and play on the video to control the speed of your learning.
  3. Once you are confident with PART 1, repeat the process with PART 2.
  4. If you are stuck on a particular area, the VOICED INSTRUCTIONS videos will slow the dance down and the coach on screen will talk you through the steps.
  5. When you have learnt all the parts, try and put the whole dance together.
  6. Do the dance all the way through a few times. When you think you know it, you could perform it to someone at home when they aren't busy.