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Friday 8th January

Happy Friday Year 6! Well done for all of the hard work that you are putting into your home learning. We know it's difficult to do, but do keep Aiming High! 


For the morning task this morning, we would like you to have a go at this quick spelling activity.


We are carrying on with 2D shapes today. But now we are going to be classifying (sorting) them. 

If you need a reminder, start by looking through yesterday's slides.


Once again, we would like EVERYONE to do ALL the sheets please. The first 3 are year 3 and 4 again (so should be fairly simple). The last one is year 6 so you might find that slightly trickier. 


Our last literacy lesson this week will where you can be creative and write your own setting description of your own planet. You could use some ideas from the pictures below to help you - but remember, we are building atmosphere and it's not a very nice planet to have landed on!


Remember that this piece is still going to build a tense, eerie, just like last time, this planet is not going to be nice! 


First, fill in the planning sheet to help you plan your description.


Then write your paragraph. Remember to underline all the Success Criteria that you have used - show off to your parents all of those writing techniques! Use all of the resources that we have put online to help you - you will need to look at Wednesday's and Thursday's pages to find these.


Have a go at these challenges. Over the course of the next few weeks we would like you to try and beat your score! 

So, today just set a baseline score for each of these challenges.