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Friday 8th October

Happy Friday! 


Joke of the day


Q) Why did the student eat his homework?

A) Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake.


Today in Year 4, we will researching fun facts about The Water Cycle and starting our independent writing in Literacy, in Maths we are moving on to adding two 4 digit numbers (with exchange) and we will be taking on some cosmic yoga in PE. Don't forget, today is spelling test day too! 


Don't forget alongside all these fun filled activities, you can have a go at completing your Times Table Rockstars and reading a good book! 



Today in Literacy, we will be finishing our plan (the one we started yesterday!) by using the internet to research fun facts on the Water Cycle these can then be utilised in either our introduction or our very own 'Did You Know' box on our plan (the one you left blank yesterday!) 


Below is a reminder of the plan structure and an example of how one can be completed to help you again today! 


Have fun with this and remember the more exciting, fun facts you can include the more interesting your writing will be when we start writing in Monday's lesson! 



In Maths today, we will be taking on adding two 4 digit numbers (with exchange). 


Please watch the video below and follow the attached slides to get a firm understanding of the concept and what the sheets will be asking you to do. 


After you feel confident with this, you can start on the White Rose sheet. Work your way through each sheet, if you need to refer back to the video or slides at any time please do! 


If you feel like you can take on an extra challenge, why not push yourself and have a go at the mastery sheets as well! 

Aut4.5.5 - Add two 4-digit numbers - one exchange.mp4

Still image for this video



To end our day today, we are going to be taking on some mindfulness cosmic kids yoga! 


With October 10th being 'World Mental Health Day', we thought it very fitting to have a go at some yoga dedicated to mental health and the importance of making sure our mind and body is as healthy as possible! 


Please follow the link below and have a go at the calming exercises.