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Friday 9th July

Hello Friday!

Start your day with this puzzle. How many words can you make using the letters in these words? 




For example

log, king, 


Follow this with 10 minutes read. Don't forget to write it in you diary.


Yesterday you learned about the apostrophe. Today we would like you to recap another use of the apostrophe. 


Have a go at working out what these contractions would be.



Now have a go at this activity. Write each sentence out correctly using your very best handwriting.


Challenge: Have a go at writing your own sentences using some of the contractions below.


Today, we are looking at horizontal and vertical lines. Watch the video below then have a go at the worksheet. 

Sum3.7.5 - Horizontal and vertical.mp4

Still image for this video


Begin the afternoon  by playing this game. Click on 'Play Game' and select the times tables you are learning. (10 minutes)




Today we are moving on to Analysis Stage in history. You will remember doing this when we compared the Anglo Saxons with Modern day.

Today you will be comparing Anglo Saxons, with The Vikings and Modern Day. The theme is 'What did they believed in?'. You will need the enquiry you did earlier in the week and the copy of the Anglo Saxons Venn diagram that we did a while ago (below). 

Start by comparing the Anglo Saxons with modern day.

Then start adding on the Viking ideas but think about whether anything needs changing or removing that you have already added. Just cross it out neatly.