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Friday 9th July

Maths - Problem Solving: White Rose Bakery

This morning we are continuing our project. We have practised our ratio and proportion skills by scaling recipes and created our own shopping list based on how many cupcakes we are making. We should have also worked out the cost of our ingredients. 

Today we are looking at profit and loss and calculating how much we need to sell our cupcakes for to make a desired profit.

Then we are going to look at creating packaging. You will need to create a sketch net of your packaging and begin to develop names, logos and decorations. 

Watch the video below from 22 - 41 minutes for the relevant activities. 

White Rose Bakery

Literacy - Reading Comprehension: Wimbledon 

Go through the information PowerPoint about Wimbledon then complete one of the reading comprehensions (1 star = simpler, 3 star = challenge). 

Spelling - Homophones

Spanish - Revision: Weather

Spanish 38: saying what the weather is like

Enabling children to talk about the weather

Spanish 39: using points of the compass and weather phrases

Enabling children to say what the weather is like and where it is like it