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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Summer Term 2 Activities


Who were the Vikings?

These activities will help you to find out more about the Vikings. Start by having a look at the presentation to find out about them and then complete the activities using the information. 

Viking life

Use the fact cards to find out more about Viking life. 

You could design a poster to show what daily life was like, or you could make a quiz to test your family! 

Viking Longhouses

Find out about a Viking longhouse here.

To help you remember about them, draw a picture of one in the middle of a piece of paper and then write 10 facts around the outside. 

What did Vikings eat?

Look here to find out what the Vikings ate. Why not make a menu for a Viking meal? 

Viking gods

The Vikings had many different gods - find out about them here. Use some of their powers and appearances that you read about to create a god of your own!

Viking shields


Have a look at the picture which shows examples of Viking shields. What patterns can you see? Which ones do you like? Which ones would make you look threatening? 

Have a go at creating your own shield using these designs - you could make your own one out of cardboard (or flattened cereal boxes) or use the sheet below to help you. 


Summer Term 1 Activities


This term we would have been studying the Vikings. Use your research skills to find out who they were, where they settled and when they lived. Below are some links to help you learn more about this interesting civilisation.



Spring Term Home Learning Activities

Below are links to a selection of websites linked with our current topic: The Mayans. The children could use these websites to use their computing skills to research this subject further and produce a mini fact file, word searches, quizzes, short stories, poems or make games. The choice is theirs!


Below is a link to our year group page with links to the other topics, past, present and future, which they could also look at.