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Ancient Greece! 


Here are some ideas of things you can do: 


  • Create your own Knowledge Organiser, like the one we have started to use for Ancient Greece
  • Design an ancient Greek vase – think carefully about what scenes you would like to show – what would they have been at the time?
  • Design a MODERN Greek vase – what scenes would you put on the vase that accurately show things about our everyday life now?
  • Get really creative and make your own model to show something about Greek life – the Olympic Games, an ancient Greek house, the Parthenon, an ancient Greek agora…
  • Ancient Olympic Games:
  • Come up with your own logo
  • Decide which sports you will have – you can make your own up, or think about which ones they had at the time
  • Write the rules for the sports you will have at your games
  • Design a poster to advertise the games
  • What will you give away as a prize for the winners of the sports?