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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Summer Term Activities



The document below has loads of ideas for activities and crafts you can try to do with Space. This topic is brilliant - we're sure you can come up with many, many things to do about Space, astronauts, the please don't see this list as definitive! Get stuck into anything you fancy about the topic, but make sure you get scientific and look specifically at how the planets move in the solar system and how night and day work at some point :) 


Space Topic Activities

Design your own planet template

Here are a few links to interesting sites about Space:


The Space Race:


Neil Armstrong: - scroll down from the video on this BBC Teach site to find some other ideas for activities (it is written to be used in the classroom, but the ideas will definitely work at home too!) - the NASA kids' website is great! Lots of different activities, including NASA live TV and stories read by astronauts - live stream from the International Space Station (you can find this on YouTube too - search carefully)


If you have access to it (and have checked with an adult first) look for @NASA and @NASA_Astronauts on Twitter - there are updates of current astronauts, archive footage of previous missions and beautiful pictures taken of the Solar System


Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

Ancient Greece! 


Here are some ideas of things you can do: 


  • Create your own Knowledge Organiser, like the one we have started to use for Ancient Greece
  • Design an ancient Greek vase – think carefully about what scenes you would like to show – what would they have been at the time?
  • Design a MODERN Greek vase – what scenes would you put on the vase that accurately show things about our everyday life now?
  • Get really creative and make your own model to show something about Greek life – the Olympic Games, an ancient Greek house, the Parthenon, an ancient Greek agora…
  • Ancient Olympic Games:
  • Come up with your own logo
  • Decide which sports you will have – you can make your own up, or think about which ones they had at the time
  • Write the rules for the sports you will have at your games
  • Design a poster to advertise the games
  • What will you give away as a prize for the winners of the sports?