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In History, we have been learning about the Industrial Revolution. We found out about its effects on the population: many people moved away from the countryside into the cities, and the population grew. We found out about the cities: they were over-crowded, polluted and there were many slums.

In our next lesson, we found out about the jobs people did. Many of us were surprised that children had to work and that people weren't supported if they were injured! But we started to see good things happening: different laws were passed that meant children had to attend schools in the factories.

Here are some of our findings:

Here are some of our findings: 1
Now, it is over to you to find out about how the Industrial Revolution affected Beeston. Use your skills of looking at primary and secondary sources to find out what Beeston was like. The sheets below will  help you to do this. Either write them on the sheet, or present it neatly on a piece of paper (you could do this as a poster, or use the computer to create a presentation or poster).