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Tuesday 13th December 




Please have a go at the comprehension below all about Christmas traditions! There are three different levels to it, so have a little look to see which one you can tackle - make sure you aim high and challenge yourself! 


There are answers here too, make sure you go through after to check your work. Please remember to answer in full sentences, and use evidence from the text where you can! 

Maths - subtracting from a mixed number

Your maths work is to practise subtracting from a mixed number - everything you need is on the PDF.

Christmas Special | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Have a go at this festive yoga! Think about the mindfulness work we did earlier in the term and use these techniques to help you relax. Don't forget to warm up with some stretches!

Christmas Paper Stars


Have a go at making these Christmas decorations! 


This afternoon we would have been putting together all of our Christmas food raps and rehearsing them together...unfortunately we can't do that, so I'd like you to have a go at the following instead please! (Resources below!)


1. See if you can 'activate your prior knowledge' using the graffitied on version of our class knowlegde organiser...what's been scribbled over??!


2. Remind yourself of the 4 main beatboxing sounds we've learnt and practise them, then see if you can practise reading and performing your class's 3 beatgrids, staying in time with the backing track. You could always try the other class's too!


3. If you would like, there's a blank beatgrid for you to have a go at making a few more of your own beatboxing rhythms up!


4. Can you remember what sampling is? - Where singers and bands sometimes magpie an idea/tune/section from another song and tweak it to make it their own! Have a look at some of the ideas we (5H I think!) came up with and see if you can add any more of your own ideas for our class chorus!


Funk Drum Loop for practicing - 90bpm