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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Summer Term 2 Activities


Below are links to the home learning packs for Summer 2. You will find links to the answers, Powerpoint presentation for each worksheet and answers for the extension tasks for those who need them.
Additional Numeracy Support and Activities
General Numeracy Activities
Additional Literacy Activities

Spelling Activities

Summer Term 1 Activities


HeadStart home learning pack and answers



The websites below take you through a timetable of daily activities. Feel free to pick and choose your hour a day of literacy and numeracy from these sites. We have also added some further literacy and numeracy activities below that you can use to support your child at home.

Additional Literacy Activities
Additional Numeracy Activities

Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

If you would like to, you could have a go at researching a Roman topic of interest to you and produce a non-fiction information text (like we did for the roads). We have attached a planning sheet 

(like we did in class) and a template to be able to write on.


Reading Challenges


Here are the Year 4 reading challenges. Please complete the ones that you haven't done in order to gain a Year 4 reading challenge badge.