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HeadStart home learning pack and answers

Don't forget there are daily lessons to recap what you already know on BBC Bitesize Daily for maths and literacy:

And White Rose have made lessons for maths (includes a video to remind you what to do)


Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

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Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at Roald Dahl's Matilda and having lots of fun writing a nice setting description for it to be ruined by Miss Trunchbull arriving! 


We would like all of you to have a go at these writing tasks - these are what we were going to be doing in the weeks before Easter. This time, our setting will be Miss Honey's classroom (although a lot of what we wrote last time will still be suitable) and Miss Trunchbull is going to enter the classroom and shout at Bruce Bogtrotter for eating her cake!  When we're back at school, we will share our writing! 


Session 1

First, watch this video  and look out for what Miss Honey's classroom is like.


Second, use the setting planning sheet to plan your ideas (these don't have to be written on this sheet, a normal piece of paper will be fine). We have included lots of ideas for you to use - so take a look!  Challenge yourself to include all of the criteria! 

Setting ideas from the book - use the garden ideas but change the cottage to a classroom

Session 2

Write your setting description of the classroom before Miss Trunchbull arrives.  At the end, hint to the reader that the Headmistress is on her way. 

Try to use all of the writing criteria (especially the ones you usually use in your writing in lessons). 

Please hand-write this as a draft because you'll be more likely to get the punctuation in the correct place! (Yes, that is still important!)

Here is the one 6T wrote together. Use it as an example and tweak parts

Session 3

In this session, you will be planning the next part of the story - Miss Trunchbull arriving and telling Bruce Bogtrotter off for eating her cake!


Use the planning sheet below for ideas again (it is set out exactly as the first one was in class). Write your ideas on a piece of paper - try to include all the usual criteria.


We've uploaded the washing line sheets so that you can get some ideas of what the characters would say.  Bruce would say the same things that Miss Honey would, so use her speech for him. 

Here are some ideas from the book - change Miss Honey's speech to become Bruce's

Session 4

Now write the speech paragraphs. Use the example plan and your planned ideas to help.

Once again, hand-write this please and include the usual criteria that you would use in lessons (show off to your parents all those speech techniques you know how to do!)

Pay attention to all the speech rules: 

- Capital letter to start speech

- Punctuation  ?,! to end speech

- New speaker, new line

- If the reporting clause is before the speech, you need a comma e.g. Miss Trunchbull screamed, "You are a little liar!"

Here is the one Miss Tabram wrote last week for you to have a look at:

Below are some ideas of other writing tasks that you can do. 

Pick 2 or 3 of these to have a go at. We will also share these when we are back - so make them creative and show off you fantastic writing skills! 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

These are the spellings that you have been learning this year. Have a look at them and practise any that you do not know how to spell. 

Here is a knowledge mat for grammar - it will remind you of what all the terms mean and gives some examples. It will be very helpful for you when you complete your SPaG activities at home. 

Need help? Have a look at these KNOWLEDGE ORGANISERS: