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Summer term home learning

Summer Term 2 Activities


Below are links to the home learning packs for Summer 2 . You will find links to the answers, PowerPoint presentations for each worksheet and some further sheets to offer support and challenge for those who want it.

Summer Term 1 Activities

HeadStart home learning pack and answers



The three websites below take you through a timetable of daily activities. Feel free to pick and choose your hour a day of literacy and numeracy from these sites. 

Additional numeracy links to websites with ongoing home learning - this page links to a website to help the children with units of work for their year group. There are lots of fun practical activities you can do with fractions. You can find fractions of objects/toys in your home, you could even find fractions of food.... pizza is great for this (and delicious too!) - keep playing your timetables rockstars games and improve your times table recall. We can't wait to see how many tables you are fluent in when you get back to school.



Literacy links to some great sites - a great page to remind you how to use subordinating conjunctions. Impress your parents! 


Remember to make sure you keep up with your reading but also remember that you can listen to stories too. This link is to some David Walliams stories - great fun!! 

Spring Term Home Learning

Home Learning Pack - contains both literacy and numeracy work for year 3 children