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You can still use tasks and activities from the spring term if you want to, but here are some new things for you to have a go at.


More will be added every so often, so keep having another look at what there is.


Remember, you can also invent your own numbers investigation...ask a question, and get investigating with the numbers!


Revision of topics

In the summer term, we  revise all the topics we have covered in year 5 and 6, so this is a great time for you to pick the topics you know you need to practise, and see what you remember. There is a useful maths dictionary on this website, and the Internet has lots of videos explaining how to do different calculations. This will be good preparation for year 7, where remember, you will  go over many of the topics and extend your understanding even further!


Maths Investigations

Then we move onto more open-ended investigations, which are great fun.

When working on maths investigations, you need to use your maths calculation skills along with reasoning, but it is also important to think about how you set out your will often find that putting the numbers (data) into a table helps you find patterns. Remember to write what you find clearly - sometimes subtitles, and the occasional short sentence about what you have discovered are useful. 

Good luck, and have fun...

New Maths Investigation Problems to stretch your brain


For these, there is not always a single, immediate answer.

Some involve asking your own questions and collecting data (numbers) so you can explore any patterns that appear.

How you set out your findings is important!

MYSTERY GAMES - you might have tried one of these in year 6 already. They are great, and get you practising lots of different skills!

REAL WORLD TOPICAL MATHS INVESTIGATIONS - use your maths skills to answer real life questions.