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Think like a …Linguist!

As Linguists we BELIEVE that...

We believe that the teaching of Spanish at Eskdale should lay the foundations for further foreign language teaching beyond key stage two. The learning of Spanish at Eskdale is rooted in our core values, specifically ‘Skills and Knowledge for Life’.  

As Linguists we STRIVE to...

Our core intent is to enable all pupils to strive to: 

  • Develop an enthusiasm and foster an interest for learning languages 
  • Communicate in other languages by speaking (oracy), listening, reading and writing (literacy and knowledge of language) 
  • Respect and develop an awareness of cultural differences and similarities with Spain (intercultural understanding) 
  • Develop speaking and listening skills  


Spanish is taught discretely at Eskdale however opportunities are taken wherever possible, to make cross curricular links across the curriculum. 

As Linguists we ACHIEVE by ...

For all our pupils to achieve our method of teaching incorporates specific meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge