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Mrs Playford's, Miss Tabram's and Miss Graves' groups

Frist, set your page up like we normally would in class. 


​​​​​​We are going to be reading 2 versions of the same text today. 


First read this simple version so that you understand what is happening in the story. 

Next, read the original version which is the same part in the story, but uses trickier language. 



Your task for today is to find the definitions for the trickier language that has been used. Look up the definitions of these words. Write these down so that you will remember them. 


Now that you have found the definitions, read the whole text through again, but replace these words with the definitions - you'll find it easier to understand the text now. 
Challenge: Can you work out what Miss Tabram's favourite phrase is? Hint: it's an expanded noun phrase. She'll Marvellous Me you the answer tomorrow!

Here are the answers to the definitions - mark your work using this.