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Mon 11th Jan

Good morning year 4! We have a brand new full week of learning and activities to complete coming your way each day.


Morning Activity

To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg23. Remember to show your working out. After 10 minutes, use the answer to mark and correct any you may have got wrong.




Answers for Friday 8th


Today's first job is to go back to the work you completed on Friday and use the answers below to mark. Please complete any corrections for the ones you may have got wrong too.



Main lesson


Today, we will be using written methods to help us answer multiplication questions.


First, write the short date 11.01.21 and the title Written methods and use your ruler to underline both.

Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your recap and anchor task. These will need to be completed in your books.

Recap and anchor task answers

Then, watch this video as it will explain to you how to carry out the written methods using base ten and number lines.

Main Activities

If you are in Miss Groves' or Miss Cameron's group, complete the red/orange task and if you feel confident with that then complete the green task.

If you would like to challenge yourself further then have ago at the purple task.


If you are in Mrs Bennett's group, complete the green task and then move onto the purple task. If you are unsure then you may need to go back and complete the red/orange task first.


Please make sure you are showing all your working out in your books.



For literacy today, we are going to look at prepositions.


First, write the long date Monday 11th January 2021 and the title Prepositions and use your ruler to underline both.

Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your Activating prior knowledge task.

Then have a look at the two powerpoints. These will explain what prepositional phrases are.

Main Activities

Complete the sheets to match the different parts of the success criteria.


Task 1- I can explain what a preposition is and know its function

Task 2- I can identify a preposition
Task 3- I can use prepositions in my writing
Challenge- I can use prepositions in different positions in a sentence.

Afternoon Subjects




Today we are looking at how we hear sound.

First, write the long date and the title How do we hear sound?  Make sure both of these are underlined using your ruler.

Next, read the lesson objective and success criteria below and complete the activating prior knowledge task.

Now watch part of the Oak Academy video below. You need to start the video at 9.41 minutes on the clip and stop watching when there are 4.33 minutes left. (You are re watching the explanation about how we hear that you saw last week to help you with today's task.) 
Now read through the PPT below. This recaps what sound is and how sound travels to our ears. This will help you later.



 You have 2 tasks to complete for today's science.


Firstly, watch the PPT on parts of an ear below and then label the diagram attached. (Choose which diagram you feel happiest to complete. They are differentiated to help you.)  You can print this out and stick it into your exercise books or you can draw and label the diagram yourself.

Secondly, underneath your diagram write an explanation of how we hear. Make sure you explain how sound travels to our ears. What allows us to hear sounds? Remember to use scientific vocabulary where you can.



Complete 20 mins of silent reading to end your day.