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Mon 6th September

Good Morning and happy Monday! 

To start with this morning here is a summary of some of this weekend's news from Newsround. Afterwards, please spend 10 minutes reading. 


This morning, we will be looking at a new text called 'A River' ready for our writing. You will find the text on the document below as well as all the instructions you need to complete this morning's activity.


We would like you to practice your times tables this morning. To start with spend 15 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. 


Then, have a go at filling in this multiplication grid. Try and complete this in under 10 minutes. Use the timer below to time how long it takes you to fill in the grid (pause the video when you have finished) and make a not of your time. (if you don't finish the grid when the timer runs out, write down your time as 10 minutes. 

10 Minute Timer

This timer counts down silently until it reaches 0:00, then a police siren sounds to alert you that time is up.

Finally, fill in the mixed times tables below.




Today, we will be doing some work on grid references. Can you remember learning about these in Year 3?