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Monday 11th January

Good morning year 3! We have a brand new week ahead of us and a new chance to 'respond to challenge and 'aim high'. 



To start the day off, spend 10 minutes reading. Then, try our new arithmetic sheets. This sheets recaps last terms learning: mental addition. You will notice each section gets a little bit harder. Section C is for those who really want a challenge.

So which section will challenge you?


Maths lesson

Today we are looking at dividing (sharing into equal groups). Work your way through the learning on the slides below. Have a go at the questions when prompted to. 

Literacy lesson

If you need to, please use part of this lesson to finish off the Stone Soup summarising work from Friday.


When you have finished the summarising, please have a look at the summarising document below. This is our version that we completed in class. Compare our ideas with your own - were they similar? (you don't need to write anything down, just have a think)



Now, have a look at the lesson below from Oak National Academy on simple sentences. Click on the link, press start lesson, watch the video and pause it when prompted. 


First, spend 10 minutes reading. 



Hi Y3, Please click on this link below to follow through your lesson.


Make sure that you play the voice clips so you can hear my instructions, and if you're able to, please download and print this sheet below to use for the next 5 weeks. Any questions or problems, just ask your grown up to email me!


I look forward to seeing and hearing some of your work over the next few weeks! Ms. Howes smiley