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Monday 11th January 2021


NUMERACY - Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits using long multiplication

Start off by putting the date and title (and success criteria if you want) and underline them neatly.


Do the recap (answers are on the slides to help you out)  They are balancing calculations, so both sides of the equals sign should make the same amount.  Answers are on the slides to help you.


Go through the slides, which show you how to use the grid method from last week to help you understand how to set out long multiplication.  There are worked examples on the slides which you can either look through or have a go at as you go.


When you begin to do the sheets (attached below) you can use the grid method at the same time if it helps you to check your work.

When you feel confident you can just use the long multiplication method.

If you are not ready for long multiplication you can stick to the grid method.  You may find that later in the week you feel ready to have a go at it.

Spr5.2.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits

This video also shows how to use this method.



Start with the warm-up on the following sheet - cut it out and stick it into your book. Sort the words into the correct boxes to show if they are an adverbial. 

Your WALT is also on the sheet - today we are planning a piece of writing based on last week's text about Lila climbing the mountain. 

Next up is your plan! 


This is the same format as we have previously used at school. Use the middle arrow to plan what is going to go in each paragraph - use full sentences for ideas, or bullet points, but remember that you don't need to write out the whole paragraph in here. 


The boxes around the outside of the arrow are for your language and grammar choices. Fill these boxes with ideas to help you with your writing - the more you have in these the better, as it will make your writing easier when you come to do it tomorrow! There is a challenge box for semi-colons - remind yourself of how to use them using last week's work and add a couple of ideas to the box if you can. 


There is an example plan here too. Use this for extra ideas or if you get stuck, but please make sure you have used your own ideas too. 


When you have finished your plan, go back and check all your punctuation, spelling and grammar is correct as this will help you with the next stage of writing. 


First look at the recap - see what you can remember from last term and try to translate the sentences.  If you struggle, use Google Translate to help you.  


Watch the video below which goes through numbers up to 39.    

Look through the sheet and use the information at the top to help you fill in the gaps.  

The answers are at the bottom of the sheet.

Spanish 27: counting up to 39

Enabling children to count from 1 to 39 in Spanish.