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Monday 11th January

Welcome to a new week of home learning! We hope you all had a great weekend and were able to relax but also get some exercise/outdoors time too. 

Morning task

Today, log on to Times Tables Rockstars and complete 10 minutes of games. Once again, credits will be awarded for those in each class who complete the most games! 


Today, you will be having a go at ordering and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages.


Set your book up like this


First, have a go at the recap task.

Recap answers

Then, watch this video to show you how to complete your tasks. When you are working, if you aren't sure, watch the video again. 

Spr6.4.1 - Order FDP

Next, complete the tasks.


We are going to be studying another of H G Wells' texts: War Of The Worlds.

Click on the star below to get to your tasks.


We will be learning about light today. You will need a torch/phone (with a torch function) for this lesson. 



Set up your book like this please:
Please watch this video as an introduction.
Complete this lesson. There is a video and a quiz. Watch the video and complete the activities that the teacher sets. You will need to write all of it in your book.  Pause the video to complete the activities. 

As your last activity, please complete this sheet. If you can't print it, draw the objects into your book and then draw the direction that light travels. 


Use a ruler for the lines representing light! 


We still expect you to be reading regularly at home. When we all return to school, we will be giving credits for reading diaries that have been filled in.

Today, spend 20 minutes reading. This could be from your reading book, a newspaper, newsround news, a recipe book...the list goes on!