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Monday 11th October

Good morning and Happy Monday!


Joke of the day - 


Q) Where would you find an elephant?

A) The same place you lost her. 


Today in Year 4 we have lots of exciting challenges to take on! In Literacy we will be using our plan to start our independent writing on The Water Cycle. In Maths we will moving on to subtraction starting with subtracting two 3 digit numbers (with no exchange) and in R.E we will be using all of our knowledge about Jewish faith to answer questions as a Jewish child. 



In Literacy today, we will be using all those fabulous facts we found last week  to put on our planning sheet and starting our independent write.


Remember you will need a structure to help you organise your writing, I have put one below to help you. You can also use the facts sheets attached to help you structure your own writing. 


Introduction - this should outline what the Water Cycle is and the different stages. 


Precipitation - this should go into more detail on what precipitation is and its role in the Water Cycle.


Accumulation/Collection - this should go into more detail on what accumulation/collection is and its role in the Water Cycle. 


Fun Facts - Utilise the fun facts you found out last week to create a final section to interest the reader further. 


Finally, don't forget to use the writing checklist (attached below) to make sure you have included all aspects that are needed to make your writing amazing! 



In Maths this week we are moving away from addition and focusing more on subtraction. Within today's lesson we will be taking on subtracting two 3 digit numbers (with no exchanging). 


Please watch the video below and follow the attached slides to get a firm understanding of the concept and what the White Rose sheets will be asking you to do. 


After you feel confident with this, you can start taking on the White Rose sheets. Work your way through each sheet, if you need to you can refer back to both the slides and video at any point. 


Once those sheets are completed, if you feel like challenging yourself, please take on the mastery sheets attached below. 

Aut4.6.2 - Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number - no exchange.mp4

Still image for this video



To end today we will be taking a closer look at all the fabulous knowledge we have gained this half term about Judaism and how Jewish people show a special relationship with God. 


Please follow the slides attached and complete the activities.


HINT: Make sure you link all your answers to the things we have researched so far this half term, e.g. The Torah, The Synagogue and The Story of Abraham.