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Monday 12th July

Literacy - DARE

This morning we are going to finish writing our DARE essay. You should have one more main paragraph to write and then your conclusion.

Look at the example essay below and use the structure support sheet to help you.

Please email your DARE essay to for some feedback. 

Spelling - 'ious'


Today, we are beginning our next stage of the history cycle - analysis. We will look at this today and tomorrow so don't worry about completing all the tasks and getting through all the slides. 


What Eskdale means to me - creative project 

This afternoon, we are going to start our creative project. We will be working on this in school over the next couple of weeks. Your work can be presented in any (sensible) way you choose. This could be using your art skills by creating a painting or using your writing skills - you could write a diary. To begin have a think what Eskdale means to you e.g. friendship, teachers, experiences (trips and memories). Then have a look at the different ways you could choose to present your work. You will need to draw a plan and design how your project will look. You also need to think about the resources to will need. This is not something you should finish in one afternoon, it should take many hours and be completed to a very high standard.