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Monday 12th Oct


Practice some joined up hand writing today. 

Find somewhere that you can sit up straight and with your feet flat on the floor. 

Remember to use your tripod grip! 

Also spend some time reading your book today. If you have some spare time, you could design a new front cover for your book. 



This week we are reviewing all our place value work.  Below is a link to a place value booklet with everything we have been doing this half term. Have a go at pages 3 -8. Remember to mark it to see if you are doing it correctly. Good luck!


As you'll hopefully remember we've been learning about the Musical Elements - specifically 'Pulse', 'Rhythm', 'Tempo' and 'Pitch' so have a look at these short videos on Bitesize for a reminder.

Then if you have a bit more time, see if you can do the first lesson on 'Pulse' on Oak National Academy.

Have fun! Ms. Howes