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Monday 13th September

Aut5.2.4 - Numbers to a million


Use The Highwayman text from last week. 

Read through the poem and look for any figurative language (similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia or personification). Underline these in different colours, and make a key to show which colour is which.


Here's a reminder of figurative language:


Simile - compares 2 things using like or as 
      - her smile was like sunshine; he ran as fast as the wind
Metaphor - compares 2 things by saying it is/was/are that thing 
     - the moon is a twinkling diamond; the snow was a blanket laying on the ground
Personification - gives something that isn't human the characteristics of a person
     - the rain cried down the window; clouds danced across the sky
Onomatopoeia - words that sound like the noise they are making]
     - crash, buzz, drip, plop

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