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Monday 18th January


Today we will be beginning our work on division.    You may want to use the tables square in your diary to help you.

Have a go at the recap and anchor task first.  The video on rounding may help.

Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000

This may help with your recap.

Spr5.2.5 - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit

Look at the examples questions on the slides and have a go at the questions.  Once you have looked through the examples, look at the Target p52 questions.  You do not have to complete all the questions - use the answers to check as you go and then move on when you are ready (as you would do in school).


There are also reasoning problems to try if you feel ready.



Today you have a comprehension all about earthquakes! Your WALT, Success Criteria and Activating Prior Knowledge task are all on the next document - read them carefully and have a go at the inference activity.

Now start your comprehension - there are three different levels and the answers in the next document. Mr Holmes' literacy group should try the 1 star questions, Ms Glover's group the 2 star questions and Miss Knightsbridge's group the 3 star. 


Read the questions first so that you know what you'll be looking for in the text. As you read the text, mark, underline or circle anything you read that relates to the questions - you could always write the question number beside where you find the answer so that you can refer back to it later. 


Write your answers in full sentences, making sure they would be understood by someone who does not know what they question is! Check your answers afterwards and make any corrections. 

Spanish 40: counting up to 99

Enabling children to count up to 99

Look at the Powerpoint above, then watch the video.


Your task is to match up the  dominoes so that the digits match the numbers in written Spanish. 

The 0-99 builder above will help you to remember how the numbers are formed.

You can either print these out and stick them in your book or write the correct pairs down together in your exercise book, eg, 38 - treinta y ocho.