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Monday 18th January

Morning work

Below is a copy of your spellings to learn for this week. Have a look at them each day and practise using look, cover, write, check. 

For your task this morning, complete the spelling activity. 


Today we are going to start to revise negative numbers, which we will continue tomorrow.

The success criteria are all black, apart from a purple challenge, to show you the skills you need to practise.


Set your book up as usual, with the title Negative Numbers and complete the recap. Then, have a look at the videos.

Now, work through all the activities that you can on the main task sheet, using the number lines to help you if you need them. If you find this quite easy, there is an extension task to try.


The purple challenge is only to be attempted if you find negative numbers very easy, and have completed the extension task.

There are no set answers to the purple challenge tasks here. How you decide to try to find the answers, and the setting out of your working are what is important.  
Today we are searching for great words to use in our alien speech writing, later in the week. Everything you need to do is explained in the slides. They show you how to set up your book, and give examples to get you started in your work. Have fun!
Science - please email us this work so that we can give you some feedback.

In science this week, we are learning about reflection.

We will look at:

1) What reflects light

2) How to show this in a scientific diagram

3) Reflective and non-reflective materials

4) What makes some surfaces refelct a mirror image


Set up your page like this:

This is the video we will ask you to watch at particular times in the slides. You can watch it all first, or watch each section when we ask you to, on the slides.

(It tells you on the slides, how much of the video to watch at each point in the lesson.)

Work through the slides below. Each time you are asked to draw or write something, do this in your book. There are always answers / examples on the next slide, so you can check your work.

Remember to use a ruler when you draw scientific diagrams!

Here are the slides for the lesson:

Extension activity

If you would like to go a little deeper into the topic of reflection, watch the remaining 6 minutes of the video, and answer the questions on angles of incidence and reflection.


Watch this video of Kiran Millwood Hargrave reading a chapter from her book The Girl of Ink and Stars.

We have this book in school, so if you like it you can borrow it when you return.

Story Sessions: Kiran Millwood Hargrave and THE GIRL OF INK & STARS

Join Kiran as she reads the first chapter of her award-winning book THE GIRL OF INK & STARS!